5.4 Affliction Guide

5.4 Affliction Guide

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Welcome to the Warlock guide for the Affliction spec in Mists of Pandaria Patch 5.4

*NOTE* There will still be updates during 5.4 and i will add video guides together with more detailed playstyle tips and tricks as we go along.  

This guide will try cover many different areas to help you improve your play, do note that many things can change and rotations, stat weights, priority lists and all these sort of things can differ a lot. Always read guides with a grain of salt, but use it for what it’s worth.

BIS T16 HC gear list (Mastery focused)

Head Ebon Ritual Hood   Garrosh Hellscream
Neck Untainted Guardian’s Chain Norushen
Shoulders Rime-Rift Shoulders Crane Wing 200 int / 100 crit Norushen
Chest Robes of the Horned Nightmare Glorious Stats +80 all stats Sha of Pride
Waist Belt of Ominous Trembles   Juggernaut
Legs Leggings of Furious Flame Cerulean +285 int / 165 crit Juggernaut
Boots Bone-Inlaid Sandals Pandaren’s Step +140 Mastery Galakras
Wrists Avool’s Ancestral Bracers Super Intellect +170 Intellect Spoils of Pandaria
Gloves Gloves of the Horned Nightmare Superior Mastery +170 Mastery General Nazgrim
Finger Iyyokuk’s Hereditary Seal   Paragons of the Klaxxi
Finger Signet of the Dinomancers   Thok the Bloodthirsty
Trinket 1** Purified Bindings of Immerseus   Immerseus
Trinket 2** Black Blood of Y’Shaarj   Garrosh Hellscream
Back Xing-Ho, Breath of Yu’lon Superior Intellect +180 Intellect Legendary Questline
Main Hand Immaculately Preserved Wand Jade Spirit Spoils of Pandaria
Offhand Revelations of Y’Shaarj Major Intellect +165 Intellect Garrosh Hellscream 


* Gear list can be changed during progress with better setups that gives better value of stat output, this is just a rough guideline for a Mastery heavy build.

** Trinkets are debateable and in BiS conditions trinkets might change slightly. Purified isn’t that good before you get better gear to scale up the % it brings, but it has ICD instead of RPPM mechanic which is overall more safe. You can easily match other trinket setups and it’s hard to call yet which will be BiS. The  trinket choices here are just based on a good pair, if you have Wusholay you should equip that until you get the new ones.

Trinket List

This list is based on 571~ item level from Siege of Orgrimmar and tries to value each trinket individually.  Take it as a rough estimate of the trinket values, note that it’s not 100% accurate and using some trinkets together might bring a worse or better combination, but use it as a thumb rule of how well they do



Spell warlock darkregeneration Dark Regeneration – Instant 30% of maximum health for you and your pet plus 25% increased healing taken over 12 seconds. A very good talent for a survival phase with damage taken over a short period of time, but not superior on fights with steady damage taken.

Warlock siphonlife Soul Leech – The passive healing talent for our main attacks and will most likely be the used talent for Affliction on the fights to help out healers.

Spell warlock harvestoflife *NEW 5.4* Harvest Life – Increases the damage of your Drain Life spell by 50% and the healing of your Drain Life spell by 150%. (Passive)

When-to-use guidelines:

  1. Soul Lech – Simply brings a good passive shield to absorb damage
  2. Dark Regeneration – Really useful on a few fights where you want the extra healing and cooldown
  3. Harvest Life – Mainly a PvP talent, not so much use in PvE

*NEW 5.4* Demonic Breath – Replacement of Howl of Terror, new Cone of Cold like CC. Mainly usedi n PvP

Ability warlock mortalcoil Mortal Coil – Deathcoil with a 15% heal we can use in PvE

Ability warlock shadowfurytga Shadowfury – AoE stun without much use in PvE

When-to-use guidelines:

  1. Mortal Coil – 15% health for a GCD
  2. Shadowfury – Small stun, often times other classes bring mroe reliable and longer lasting stun
  3. Demonic Breath – Not much use besides PvP, can be useful for slowing the adds on a boss like Immersus


Ability warlock soullink *NEW 5.4* Soul Link – No longer shares health pool with your pet, instead 20% of all damage you take is split to your pet. Additionally, 3% of all damage you deal is converted into healing on you and your pet.

Warlock sacrificial pact Sacrificial Pact – A very solid absorb shield, which sacrifices 25% of your pets health to give a 400% shield of the sacrificed health. This talent can even be used in certain situations without a pet as you will lose 25% of your health for 400% of the lost health turning into a shield.

Ability deathwing bloodcorruption death Dark Bargain – Absorbs all damage for 8 seconds and when the shield fades you take 50% of the damage over 8 seconds. Risky if you take a lot of damage and suddenly will get bursted down when the absorb fades.

When-to-use guidelines:

  1. Soul Link – Passive 20% damage reduction is really good, espeically if we also use the Unending Glyph for 10% more
  2. Dark Bargain – Very good “oh shit” talent, that can save us in a lot of dire situations and works well with soaking
  3. Sacrificial Pact – This talent can be very good to take with high pulsing AoE’s at certain times in a fight, the shields are very big

*Soul Link still increases your health pool if you don’t have a pet and use Grimoire of Sacrifice, but most of the time you would want to run with another talent then depending on the fight.


Ability deathwing bloodcorruption earth Blood Horror – When activiated any time a enemy melee attacks you and deals damage, the enemy will run in horror for up to 4 seconds

Ability deathwing sealarmorbreachtga Burning Rush – 4% of maximum health per second for 50% movement speed.

Warlock spelldrain Unbound Will – Removes all magic and impairing effects

When-to-use guidelines:

  1. Burning Rush – Useful speed boost in many situations, you can nearly always find a use for it
  2. Unbound Will – Very cool self dispell, but only has its place on a few fights
  3. Blood Horror – Purely PvP talent, not much use in Pve

Warlock grimoireofcommand Grimoire of Supremacy – 20% more damage from our pets and they turn into different versions of themselves

Warlock grimoireofservice Grimoire of Service – Summons another pet of your choice  for 20 seconds

Warlock grimoireofsacrifice Grimoire of Sacrifice – Sacrifices our pet to increase our single target damaging spells and Wild Imp’s

When-to-use guidelines:

  1. Grimoire of Supremacy – Felhunter becomes an Observer and delivers stable damage, really good talent for both single target and multi target fights. As soon as you multi dot a lot instead of Malefic Grasping having a pet beats GoSac any day.
  2. Grimoire of Sacrifice – Increses single target damage through Drain Soul, Malefic Grasp, Haunt and Fel Flame. Can be worth it to get rid of your pet on some fights and is very close on single target fights with Supremacy. As long as you dont spend global cooldowns multi dotting you can use GoSac.
  3. Grimoire of Service – Summons an extra pet, but not worth it  over the two other talents for Affliction.

Achievement boss archimonde *NEW 5.4* Archimonde’s Darkness – Your Dark Soul has two charges

Achievement boss kiljaedan *NEW 5.4* Kil’jaeden’s Cunning – You can cast Malefic Grasp, incinernate and Shadow bolt while moving

Achievement boss magtheridon *NEW 5.4* Mannoroth’s Fury – Increases AoE by 500% and the damage from Immolation Aura and Hellfire by 100%. 60 sec CD, 10 sec duration.

When-to-use guidelines:

  1. Archimonde’s Darkness – Basically the talent you pick when there is no AoE or heavy movement involved, it gives us a better management of when we want to use Dark Soul instead of using it on cooldown
  2. Mannoroth’s Fury – Very good talent for burst AoE fights, worth taking on a lot of fights in Siege of Orgrimmar
  3. Kil’jaeden’s Cunning – We have way more use of KJC as Affliction than Demonology, pick this on any fight where you are moving too much that it ends up hurting your DPS. The Archimonde’s Darkness talent isn’t as good as it may sound.


There is no “real” DPS increasing glyphs as Affliction, therefore we can pretty much choose whatever utillity glyphs we want. Glyph of Unstable  Affliction can be used, but you can replace it for utillity glyphs  on fights you need too.

*NEW 5.4* Glyph of Everlasting Affliction has been replaced by  Glyph of Eternal Resolve.

*NEW 5.4* Glyph of Dark Soul has been replaced by  Glyph of Curse of the Elements.

*NEW 5.4*  Glyph of Shadowflame has been replaced with  Glyph of Unending Resolve.

*NEW 5.4*   Glyph of Soul Swap has been replaced with Glyph of Havoc.


Major Glyphs

 Glyph of Unstable Affliction – Reduces the cast time of UA by 25%

 Glyph of Eternal Resolve – If no major cooldown is needed, 10% passive reduction is really nice together with 20% from Soul Link.

 Glyph of Siphon Life - Passive healing with not many alternatives to pick

 Glyph of Healthstone , Life Tap or Soulstone – 3rd option you pick and choose depending on the fight


Stats are a very touchy subject, so to determine what stats we want we need to know what they actually do and bring.

Mastery increases the damage done by our dots: Corruption, Unstable Affliction and Agony. It’s a pure raw damage increasing stat for Affliction which scales really well on multi target fights.

Haste is the stat that gives us extra ticks during dot durations and it also increases pet energy regeneration. Haste is still a very strong single target stat, despite no longer scaling with RPPM, but stacking it endlessly is just not worth it inside instances.

Critical strike is generally our worst stat as Affliction, but with the 2P t16 it helps our uptime of the set bonus to increase Malefic Grasp and Drain Soul damage by 15%. We want to stay away from critical strike chance if possible, but it’s not as big loss as before.


*Patch 5.4 update to stats post nerfs*

Generally we always want to aim for something like this priority list, because on most multi target fights Mastery will do well with reaching certain haste caps depending on your item level.

Int > 15% Hit > Haste(Cap) > Mastery > Haste > Crit


Single target: (Theoritically best)

Int > 15% Hit > Haste > Mastery > Crit

Haste with 2P t16 instead of 4P wins on pure single target fights by a little bit over mastery, mainly because of the shard regeneration from Nightfall (Corruption ticks), pet damage and such. As we know, there isn’t really single target fights, so there isn’t much need to blindly follow this.


My guidelines would look something like:

<510 item level ~

# Int > 15% Hit (5100) > Haste (6637) > Mastery > Haste > Crit

<560 item level ~

# Int > 15% Hit (5100) > Haste (9778) > Mastery > Haste > Crit

>560 item level ~

#  Int > 15% Hit (5100) > Haste (13737) > Mastery > Haste > Crit

‘ Now haste might be a little better on single target fights, but Mastery should still win  on fights we Soul Swap a dot line on multiple targets.


You can use this list of haste caps to see if you are close to anything and should aim to put a haste gem or two. It’s always beneficial to go for a haste cap if you are close to it.

 Agony haste caps

Number of ticks
- Raid Haste  3043 6400 9778 13157 16525
- Raid Haste + (BL/Hero)  N/A N/A N/A 313 2904
 19 20 21  22  23
 – Raid Haste + (BL/Hero)  5494 8107 10701  13274  18461

 Unstable Affliction haste caps

Number of ticks 8 9 10 11
- Raid Haste 872 6637 12439 18207
- Raid Haste + (BL/Hero) N/A N/A N/A 4198
12 13
 – Raid Haste + (BL/Hero) 8647 13124

Spell shadow abominationexplosion Corruption haste caps

Number of ticks 10 11 12 13
- Raid Haste 231 4717 9211 13737
- Raid Haste + (BL/Hero) N/A N/A N/A 759
14 15 16 17
- Raid Haste + (BL/Hero) 4198 7658 11113 14604


As you may notice, there isn’t many caps in between our current gears Haste values. If we aim for more than 13,7k+ haste we often times sacrifice a lot of Mastery to get it. 


Single target stat weights

If you want to find your stat weights and specific values for purely single target fights (not reflected so much in Siege of Orgrimmar) you can use Simulationcraft to determine how to gem and gear. Remember that it doesn’t apply on AoE, multi or single target fights with burst mechanics.

Gems are helping us boost stats we choose, that also means that there is no determined gemming. If we want more of a stat for certain fights, gems are where we can find those stats. If you are around some haste cap, you obviously want to replace some of these gems with the haste version. These are just general guidelines for when we go with the heavy mutli target / AoE and all around strongest build for Affliction.

Socket Gem
Meta (Legendary)  Sinister Primal Diamond
Meta  Burning Primal Diamond
 Fractured Sun’s Radiance (320 Mastery)
Red (high hit)  Artful Vermilion Onyx (80 Int / 160 Mastery)
Red (low hit)  Keen Vermilion Onyx (160 Exp / 160 Mastery)
Yellow  Fractured Sun’s Radiance (320 Mastery)
Blue  Sensei’s Wild Jade (160 Hit / 160 Mastery)


IconSmall Blacksmithing Blacksmithing 320 Intellect or 640 secondary stats
IconSmall Tailoring Tailoring 320 Intellect on average~
IconSmall Leatherworking Leatherworking 320 Intellect
IconSmall Engineering Engineering ~320 Intellect  on average but can be synced with cooldowns
IconSmall Jewelcrafting Jewelcrafting 320 Intellect  or 320 secondary stats
IconSmall Alchemy Alchemy 320 Intellect
IconSmall Inscription Inscription 320 Intellect
IconSmall Enchanting Enchanting 320 Intellect
IconSmall Herbalism Herbalism/ IconSmall Skinning Skinning 480 haste~ / 480 Critical Strike
IconSmall Mining Mining 480 Stamina


Engineering, Tailoring, Herbalism and Blacksmithing  is at the moment the best profession for us as a warlock.

Engineering provides a great burst lining up with cooldowns and “on use” / high intellect procs will always be superior to passive stats. Blacksmithing is still good because it gives us 640 secondary stats, and secondary stats gain a high value on AoE + multi target fights.

If you choose either of the 4 you are save to go, but there is a rather big difference from rest of the professions to these 4, so it does matter what you choose.



Spell shadow abominationexplosion  [Corruption]
Spell shadow burningspirit  [Life Tap]
Affliction specific
Ability Level
 [Unstable Affliction] 10
 [Drain Soul] 19
 [Soulburn] 19
 [Rain of Fire] 21
 [Soulburn: Health Funnel] 27
 [Curse of Exhaustion] 32
 [Agony] 36
 [Malefic Grasp] 42
 [Nightfall] 54
 [Seed of Corruption] 60
 [Haunt] 62
 [Soulburn: Seed of Corruption] 62
 [Improved Fear] 69
 [Soulburn: Curse] 73
 [Soul Swap] 79
Mastery:  [Potent Afflictions] 80
 [Dark Soul: Misery] 84
 [Soulburn: Demonic Circle: Teleport] 86


Rotation priority

 Dark Soul

Apply:  Agony, Spell shadow abominationexplosion Corruption and  Unstable Affliction

 Haunt *

 Drain Soul (below 20%)

 Malefic Grasp (Filler)

Spell fire felfirenova Fel Flame (while moving)


* Haunt was buffed to increase all periodic damage don by your spells on the target by 40%, which means we want to make sure we always have it up when our dots are powered up by intellect procs and / or major haste buffs. Using too many Soulburn + Soul Swaps will hurt your shards and missing out 40% damage while having huge intellect procs and haste buffs on your dots are really hurting you. Save a few shards for these scenarios, so you don’t waste haunts on non buffed dots but focus them on the dots with the most power.

When to Soulburn: Soul Swap?

SB: SS helps us instantly apply all 3 dots with one global cooldown and a shard. We use this mechanic to not waste time hard casting Unstable Affliction and applying Corruption and Agony. By the time we managed those things our powerful intellect or haste procs might disappear. There is no mechanical playstyle  to when we want to SB: SS, but a good thumb rule is to do it when we have high stacks of Wusholay, preferably together with other procs. The more procs you have up, the more attractive it becomes to use SB: SS. The issue is that Haunt is increasing the periodic damage on the target by 40% from our spells and also cost a shard, so with the buff to haunt we do not want to spam SB: SS endlessly. Use them wisely and think about when you will need your shards for next Dark Soul and such. Try to avoid starving yourself out if you know you have a high chance to get even more procs soon.



 Pre pot

 Dark Soul

 Soulburn +  Soul Swap


 Malefic Grasp (until procs go up)

 Soulburn +  Soul Swap

-> Malefic Grasp and keep  Haunt up 100% in the opener

Some people prefer to Haunt before the first Soulburn + Soul Swap

If you have Wusholay or Blackblood this is how i would go about my opener

 Pre pot

 Dark Soul:

 Soulburn +  Soul Swap


 Malefic Grasp (until Tempus Repit, Trinkets etc. appear)

 Soulburn +  Soul Swap

 Malefic Grasp

 Soulburn +  Soul Swap (wait until you have the highest stack of Wusholay/Blackblood together with Berserking / Tempus Repit, be sure you renew dots before they fade)

-> Malefic Grasp and keep  Haunt up 100% in the opener


AoE rotation priority

When we look at how we want to AoE we need to figure out if its short AoE burst or long lasting AoE. There is no point to spread dots on short lasting targets. If we have around 4-5 targets Seed of Corruption starts to become effective, if you play Mannoroth’s Fury be sure to always use it on any AoE scenario.


Multi target (2-4 targets)

Apply and keep up:   Agony, Spell shadow abominationexplosion Corruption and  Unstable Affliction

while you continue your normal rotation on one target


 Soulburn +  Seed of Corruption (to get Spell shadow abominationexplosion Corruption to tick on all enemies)

 Seed of Corruption (vs shorter lasting targets)

 Soulburn+ Soul swap:  to apply   Agony, Spell shadow abominationexplosion Corruption and  Unstable Affliction (vs longer lasting targets)


When you have Mannoroth’s Fury active be sure you only spam  Seed of Corruption


Best races for Affliction Warlock

Horde: Troll Berserking
Alliance: Worgen Viciousness Darkflight



Video Guides Video guides related to Affliction will appear here

*NOTE* There will still be updates during 5.4 and i will add video guides together with more detailed playstyle tips and tricks as we go along.  


Donations are greatly appreciated <3“Donations are greatly appreciated if you want to help me keep running things <3.”

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    Dots FTW! =D

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    Good job.

  3. Caliban
    Caliban 12 September, 2013, 08:56

    Very nice!
    Now our shard regeneration is nerfed on multi targets, I would like to know your opinions on using Soul Swap inhale/exhale without SB. Is it a viable option?

    Isn’t glyph of unstable affliction a dps increase?


    • Sparkuggz
      Sparkuggz 12 September, 2013, 13:12

      Forgot to add a section about that, i will try to cover it. But basically if you have a fight where you can drain soul mobs for shards, SB + SS is not bad by any means, but if we start to lack shards, SS inhale / exhale is super awesome, it’s also VERY good when we have major procs (10 stack wush etc.) running on a target, then we take those dots and bounce them around on multiple targets. Will update the guide to reflect these things.

      • Patrick nielsen
        Patrick nielsen 16 October, 2013, 12:09

        hey man, i have a serious problem :o i dont know if im Gemmed / statted right : o i dont know if you would take a look at me ?
        have 80,83% mastery and the 9778 haste cap. is there anything from that link /gear i should re do ??? RLY hope you can help me :O you’re my biggest Idol :D

      • Kotaku
        Kotaku 5 February, 2014, 17:31

        I had read spamming multiple haunts below 20 % puts out more dps than using the traditional rotation when a boss is below 20%. Anyone experienced tries this before?

        • Sparkuggz
          Sparkuggz 8 February, 2014, 19:22

          It doesn’t seem to be worth it after the hotfix of haunt only increasing periodic damage.

          With DS only = 373948/373923/373923
          With Haunt spam at 1 shard+ = 373732/373854/373693

          It’s the same pretty much, no difference. But ofc there is so many factors that in situations it could be more DPS, but we are talking minimal things.

  4. Devil
    Devil 13 September, 2013, 04:56

    Can you tell me if its better to go Unerring Vision of Lei Shen + Wusholay or stay with Unerring Vision of Lei Shen + Hydra ? atm this is what i have .

    In my opinion it will be better Unerring Vision of Lei Shen + Hydra for opener … right ?

    • Sparkuggz
      Sparkuggz 13 September, 2013, 12:22

      I would go Wusholay + Breath, it works really well together, you can also go Wush + UVLS, but i dont like the combo as much despite being higher individual trinkets. But don’t disregard Wusholay

  5. Trebor
    Trebor 13 September, 2013, 06:41

    Hi Sparkuggz,

    Loving the new site.

    Was I high when watching one of your prt afflic fights or am I doing something wrong?

    Im sure i saw you use soul swap inhale/exhale over multi mob blobs with maybe a 3 second cool down, I tried this and I have a 28 second cool down.

    Thanks for your help

  6. Trebor
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    But there is no ss glyph.

  7. Euthanise
    Euthanise 13 September, 2013, 10:31

    Hey sparkuggz, why do you take tier shoulders which doesnt have mastery over tier pants? Theres a hit mastery shoulder piece from fallen protectors

    • Sparkuggz
      Sparkuggz 13 September, 2013, 12:25

      The list is topic to change, there might indeed be some good alternatives but neither haste or crit is bad stats for Affliction. I’m very low on haste in my current gear setup and too much hit on items may result in issues, so it’s all netpicking the small details that will be figured out in the long run. But on legs + shoulders you get haste + crit and mastery + haste vs hit / mastery crit / mastery, but don’t forget haste is not a bad stat still!

  8. Trebor
    Trebor 13 September, 2013, 14:27

    il change spec and re spec back to afflic and see if it resets it. But yes for some reason it is still 28 seconds cooldown for me. And yes I have all updated software/patches. Il let you no how I get on.

  9. Trebor
    Trebor 14 September, 2013, 00:27

    Me again,

    Just to let you know, I changed spec out of afflic and back again plus I have replaced ui and addons (not the reason for replacing) an now inhale/exhale is working as it should for 5.4 ;)

    • Sparkuggz
      Sparkuggz 14 September, 2013, 02:00

      Sound’s like some really odd bug, maybe an addon you used that showed 28 seconds instead of the proper timer

  10. Mortalis
    Mortalis 14 September, 2013, 10:43

    Hey man. Just letting you know the community really appreciates your effort in sharing your warlock knowledge.

    I have a question, do you plan on doing encounter specific tips and tricks and also from your experience of Siege of Orgrimmar so far, which spec would you play on each encounter?

    • Sparkuggz
      Sparkuggz 14 September, 2013, 12:55

      Plan is to do a lot of 5.4 stuff, so yep but that might not be before after SoO progress

  11. Diamóndback
    Diamóndback 14 September, 2013, 13:57

    Afliction is the strongest lock spec overall in 5.4 what do you think spark?

    • Sparkuggz
      Sparkuggz 15 September, 2013, 11:21

      I think Affliction has the edge yes, Demonology seems good but just feels like it lack a bit on single target. Demonology still has some good AoE cleaving options that Affliction cant substain

  12. Hellfurion
    Hellfurion 14 September, 2013, 16:35

    Hi Spark ! Awesome guide ! As a new lock (switched from blood dk) it really helps me out.. Here’s my question…

    Is it really important to use the macro for SB + SS ?

    The macro isnt the real problem for me here.. it’s the fact that if I want to copy dots with SS without using SB i’ll need 2 different keybinds (one for SB + SS and one for SS only). Also the macro won’t show the exhale icon for 3 seconds while normal SS will do)

    Right now I feel like I have more control on how and when I will use a shard or not with SS.

    How do you handle these situations ?

    thanks for your time !

    • Sparkuggz
      Sparkuggz 15 September, 2013, 11:23

      #showtooltip Soul Swap

      This will show your tooltip on the icon as Soul Swap instead of Soulburn, but you ofc can’t do everything in one keybind, sometimes you need more or to press different things : ) You kind of answered your own question! I use 2 keybinds and it’s pretty easy peasy

  13. Swk
    Swk 14 September, 2013, 17:21

    Hello Spark, have you used drainsouler? Do you think it’s necessary?

    • Sparkuggz
      Sparkuggz 15 September, 2013, 11:23

      I wanted to install it just too lazy to do it, but yea you can use it why not.

  14. rubyeye1214
    rubyeye1214 15 September, 2013, 07:23

    Hello spark, i’m big fan of yours
    i have a question.
    why don’t you use a Glyph of Unstable Affliction?
    is this useless?
    And Could i link this page to korea warlock forum?

    • Sparkuggz
      Sparkuggz 15 September, 2013, 11:24

      Ah it’s not completly useless, but it’s not as good as it sounds either. You can use it, but it’s not life or death to use either.

  15. Edwin
    Edwin 15 September, 2013, 14:52

    Thx for guide :)

  16. Jimmyleggs
    Jimmyleggs 15 September, 2013, 16:17

    How big an increase is 4pce for affliction? It seemed pretty mundane but it really is better than 3 WF heroic pieces?

    • Sparkuggz
      Sparkuggz 16 September, 2013, 16:53

      Even if it is better, you won’t see 3 WF pieces before ages. To not confuse people, going 4P now is way better in any way than going for 2P + 3 offpieces. I will update once it’s more settled what BIS BIS BIS list will look like, right now, go 4p!

  17. Tyler
    Tyler 15 September, 2013, 17:02

    Hey Spark!
    I’m a warlock that hasn’t played affi since 5.1 and I’m having trouble getting back into the spec after playing destro/demo for so long but I’d like to thank you for helping me learn all 3 of these specs and top the charts in my guild and have fun raiding! Your guides are great I look forward to anything you ever put out for us!
    Anyways, my question is this.
    I’m 541 ilevel and i use the grimoire of supremacy talent. what pet provides the most dps output? (i’m assuming that fel imp is only better on fights with lots of target swapping but it seems like most fights in SoO have that so what would you reccomend?)

  18. Questions
    Questions 15 September, 2013, 20:32

    Would you say it’s worth it to Soulburn Soulswap to targets or just Soulswap Inhale/Exhale to targets with 10 stacks of Agony instead of just a single stack of Agony with Soulburn + Soulswap?

    • Sparkuggz
      Sparkuggz 16 September, 2013, 16:57

      Depends on the time left, shards and option to regenerate shards. If you have limited shards, using more Soul Swap’s is worth it, you do use more GCD but for example if you have powerful dots you REALLY want to soul swap them and not SB + SS. Rolling 10 stack agony with 10 stack wush + haste procs is just insane.

  19. specia1258
    specia1258 16 September, 2013, 08:01

    ermm.. can i ask.. now i’m doin 10096 haste with demo/destro,, i’m thinking of going demo/afflic..
    if i go 9778 haste.. isit good for demo at 9778 haste? would it drop my dps as a demo?

    • Sparkuggz
      Sparkuggz 16 September, 2013, 16:59

      You can’t find a spec where you have a haste cap that suits all, you always need to reforge it says itself. You can play with it, ofc, but if you want to “min/max” you have to reforge to the most optimal options!

  20. Vai998
    Vai998 17 September, 2013, 00:59

    Hey, can you tell me what is the best combo for affliction. I have Wushoolay’s Final Choice hc tf, Unerring Vision of Lei Shen hc tf and Black Blood of Y’Shaarj normal.
    Wushoolay and Black Blood should be the best right? But i have better results with Wushoolay and VLS. So so what would you recommend?

    • Sparkuggz
      Sparkuggz 17 September, 2013, 01:08

      Blackblood + Wush or if you really don’t like the combo Blackblood + UVLS should bring you the best results but i would try out Wush + Blackblood for a good time before you reconsider

  21. ant
    ant 18 September, 2013, 03:44

    hey, thanks for the guide but i think maybe you should add something – in 5.4 when you soulswap a target you can actually copy seed of corruption, so when you are soulswapping your dots on to multiple targets in aoe situations it helps to also put a seed up before you do your first inhale, can be tricky to get the timing but its good if you do

    • Sparkuggz
      Sparkuggz 22 September, 2013, 10:26

      Yea i will do that once progress is over. The guides will have things added and the video guides should come out too

  22. Dralkk
    Dralkk 19 September, 2013, 09:38

    Hello Spark

    First off; nice guide :D

    Q: I use a heavy matery build (all out on mastery) atm. but my problem is that i seem to get better results when i play as destro.
    I guess that is a matter of being better at keeping tracks of my dot..

    But does Destro have some sort of advantage on the first 4 bosses i SoO?

    lastly i am interrested in if i should go for demo as OS instead of destro..

    – D

    • Dralkk
      Dralkk 19 September, 2013, 09:40

      Have to add (for the last part about the demo as OS) i do not have UVLS…

      • Sparkuggz
        Sparkuggz 22 September, 2013, 10:27

        Affliction sclaes with meta gem and high ilvl, Destruction doesn’t go out of control the same way. Without the meta gem which equals 1 DS every proc, it’s not as good to play no. The lower ilvl you want to stick with destruction, but im sure if you perform good with the spec you could beat it even at lesser ilvl’s on some fights except single target.

  23. Dotribution
    Dotribution 19 September, 2013, 13:06

    Can you tell us the stat priority in numbers??

  24. LoLoCk
    LoLoCk 19 September, 2013, 22:42

    Hi Spark !

    Could you give an opener macro for affliction as you did for demonology on a previous guide plz ? ^^ It worked so well !!! Hmmmmmmmmm…

    Thx :)

    • Sparkuggz
      Sparkuggz 22 September, 2013, 10:28

      No macro, have to react, but im sure you could do it if you are that lazy :D

  25. Phaberen
    Phaberen 20 September, 2013, 12:51

    What is prior when it comes to refreshing?
    UVOLS buff, or 10stacks of Wushoolay? as wushoolay procs in opener with uvols, there’s no way to get both with 10stacks unless lucky as it reprocs. What should the priority be? Is it worth refreshing for 10 stacks of wushoolay and the other buffs up, over uvols?

    • Sparkuggz
      Sparkuggz 22 September, 2013, 10:29

      There is a opener sequence scenario with Wush, you want to get wush off with UVLS + Berserking even if not 10 stacks!

  26. Rory
    Rory 22 September, 2013, 07:01

    Hey i’m at 502 ilvl and can pull about 100k dps on multi target fights and 70-90k on single target fights, is this okay for my ilvl? because i love this spec but i seem to do average numbers with it, Thanks in advance :)

  27. Nea
    Nea 22 September, 2013, 23:27

    when should i change my haste cap (up to 13157)? thank you for answer!

  28. Morranor
    Morranor 24 September, 2013, 15:06

    Concerning BiS, what about Garrosh heirloom weapons ?

    • Morranor
      Morranor 24 September, 2013, 15:08

      It seems tha heirloom cannot be upgraded, that’s probalby why despite their ilvl they are not BiS

  29. Teneye
    Teneye 24 September, 2013, 20:53

    So after about to 10 min of just pure target dummy in org(multi dotted 3 targets) Doom came out with 21.68 mil(16.4% of damage) with imps 20.65mil doing (15.6%) damage with a heavy mastery build with the 8k haste cap. UVLS up time was 4.6%. For the doom I was able to keep most of them rolling with crit’s over normal hits. The nerf is def noticeable though. I hope this helps at all. =D

    • Teneye
      Teneye 24 September, 2013, 20:56

      Also forgot to mention Ilv is 553 with mastery(no buffs) @94-95%

  30. Emisel
    Emisel 25 September, 2013, 07:25

    Why Observer, why not imp?
    I tested on a training dummy and LFRe.
    It seemed to me better to imp

  31. Scathia
    Scathia 25 September, 2013, 18:42

    Hi There Sparkuggz,

    These are pretty awesome guides, nicely done indeed. Any chance of seeing Destruction covered as well? There’s actually a bunch of fights in SoO for which Destruction will pull ahead, and likely moreso with the recent buff to immolate. In any case, be awesome to see someone actually do a good guide to Destruction rather than folks always being pushed into only 2 of the 3 specs. The guides you have up though, again, are awesome, so thanks for taking the time. =)

  32. Tragicmagic
    Tragicmagic 25 September, 2013, 19:28

    Hey big fan of your guides but this related to execution phase of affliction. My friend had been talking to an old warlock pal who does some higher end raiding then we do, about how under 20% when u have more then 3 shards and have dots running its more effective to spam haunt 3 times then drain , reapply sb/ss haunt. and just keep repeating the process until the fight is dead. Is this truly the execution rotation now or is that just stupid I haven’t personally tested it out yet.

    • Karsteck
      Karsteck 14 November, 2013, 17:10

      might depend how much mastery you have. Check your simcraft output, and compare the DPET of haunt vs. drain soul. Also plan this around your movement. You don’t want to be out of shards if you have to move instead of standing there channelling drain soul for less than 2 ticks.

  33. Spades
    Spades 26 September, 2013, 08:59

    Hi there Spark,

    I’ve got a question for which, I dare say, the answer could be added to the guide. I praise myself for knowing the mechanics of my warlock and this has been bugging me recently. So here goes: does Haunt empower any DoTs already present and ticking on the target the moment it arrives or is it necessary to refresh my DoTs once haunt’s debuff goes up on the target?

    • warlock
      warlock 2 October, 2013, 10:29

      u can note this on dummys, casting haunt before them after and see what happen

    • Psy
      Psy 2 October, 2013, 12:01

      As a rule of thumb, any debuffs on the target affect your dots instantly. Haunt included. So the moment Haunt lands, every next tick will benefit from it and you don’t have to refresh.

  34. Bonedread
    Bonedread 27 September, 2013, 15:53

    Heya Spark,

    I was wondering what to do after getting our 4 set bonus as Affliction. As far as I know after several minutes of testing on the dummy, the 4 set doesn’t proc if you override Haunt at the last 1-2 seconds. Is this really the case?


  35. Zeran
    Zeran 27 September, 2013, 18:46

    I see a lot of people going to Affliction now inside of demo and i have just came back and rolled a warlock and just now getting used to playing it and the rotation but i was wondering in SoO is affl better and is the rotation easier then Demo b/c it seems like it is a easier spec from watching your youtube videos?

  36. Rhuan
    Rhuan 1 October, 2013, 15:57

    sparkuggz you will make new profiles of addons TellMeWhen how using this now?

  37. Swk
    Swk 1 October, 2013, 16:41

    Purified Bindings of Immerseus has 15% proc rate?
    Sometimes I don’t see it even after dark souls gone…

  38. warlock
    warlock 2 October, 2013, 10:24

    Hey spark. Can u tell us why ar u using expertise/mastery gems instead int/mastery ? I hear something about second stats get higher scaled but.. wich item lvl for warlocks? ty man, peace! Gz again!

    • Shangrolam
      Shangrolam 2 October, 2013, 21:58

      Mastery is better than Int by far. The exp helps get us to hit cap so we can reforge to more mastery

  39. Tragic
    Tragic 2 October, 2013, 21:49

    Hey love your guides but I had a question , friend of mine told me that his friend who also plays lock said that its better to spam haunt vs draining full channels, so basically hauntx3 channel sb/ss haunt spam channel haunt spam channel sb/ss repeating process, is this the best way atm for under 20% ?

  40. Shangrolam
    Shangrolam 2 October, 2013, 21:57

    At a 540 should I still try to have that 9k haste cap? I’m sitting at about 7k with 99% mastery.

  41. Soulnado
    Soulnado 3 October, 2013, 01:18

    Hey Spark, how close would you say Destro is to Affliction? I’m trying to decide on a spec and focus completely on it, but I don’t think Affliction does so well on fights where there are a lot of mobs. I don’t really know that for sure, I’m just speculating. I know with Destro that mobs die pretty fast and my dmg can ramp up pretty high, plus single target dmg doesn’t seem to shabby either. Is Affliction’s dmg really that considerable, even with the recent nerf to haunt?

  42. Soulnado
    Soulnado 3 October, 2013, 01:33

    Just read the hotfix for Oct 2nd. They lowered Agony’s dmg by 15%. Is Affliction that powerful that they need to keep nerf’n it?

  43. Infin
    Infin 4 October, 2013, 21:52

    Hi Spark. Awesome guide. As a long time warlock and affliction player myself I actually got some pretty awesome information out of it! It’s nice to have a replacement for EJ since it’s gotten kind of useless now, and it’s nice to have a place to refer people to.

    Question for you regarding procs: how do you compare the UVLS proc to Wushulays. Invariably with how openers work both will proc early, so i will apply all my DoTs with 4 stack int + UVLS and let those expire. With the current 2piece I feel like the crit bonus is worth more for me than the 4 extra stacks. What I’m wondering about is later in the fight what’s a bigger DPS gain? UVLS or 10 int proc?

    While on the subject, how much of a DPS gain do you feel meta proc + Dark Soul is? IE worth immediately overwriting a 10 stack int or UVLS, or let them nearly run their course and refresh right as my buffs are about to expire?

    • Paul
      Paul 5 October, 2013, 11:00

      uvls is 2x “base” (ie whatever was luckily also procced at the same time) damage.
      Just did a little experiment with electrified, affdots says 188 at 10 stacks, so I assume thats 1.88x “base” (I may be wrong) and some of those may crit to maybe give an effective >2x “base”.
      I would guess to not overwrite if the duration left is long (and nothing else has procced as well now) otherwise do.

    • Sparkuggz
      Sparkuggz 7 October, 2013, 18:05

      Now with the nerf to UVLS we won’t really bother with this anymore, but yea UVLS + 4 stack was better then 10 stack wush for sure.

      Use Affdots to try to give you an idea of the values, but generally DS + Meta proc has a very high value, since it oftens lines up with more!

  44. Feardread
    Feardread 6 October, 2013, 14:42

    hey what are the weak aura strings for the new trinkets can you link them? please and ty!

  45. Kukob
    Kukob 7 October, 2013, 07:23

    Hey, just wondering if you are working on some destro 5.4 guide. Thanks

  46. Princess
    Princess 7 October, 2013, 19:27

    Hello sparkuugz, I see you only have a demon and affli guide is there a destruction guide? Or could you help me out with the rotation?

  47. Princess
    Princess 8 October, 2013, 02:54

    Alrighty thanks

  48. Lysh
    Lysh 9 October, 2013, 20:45

    Hey Sparkkugz I was wondering what’s the EA cap baseline example I’m going to the 10987 Cap it give me all dots Extra EA do you know what is it ?

  49. Morranor
    Morranor 10 October, 2013, 15:48

    I have a suggestion, IG tested, concerning AoE.

    SB-SoC is a different spell than SoC and both can be applied on the same target at the same time. Both are Dot and can (should ?) be copy/paste with SoulSwap.

    As an affliction player, the only way i’ve found to keep competition with my elem friends is what follows :

    SB-SoC > SoC > SB-SoulSwap > Soulswap-copy >tab-target-switch > Soulswap-paste > Soulswap-copy > etc …

    In this way, you spread 3 Dots and 2 seeds with 2 gcd. But you must spamm your soulswap as hell before SoC explodes. With proper CD and timing, you can get an “alsmot” AoE burst as affli.

    Yet it must be said that this rotation is very “rng” like. Sometimes you can copy/paste your SoCs infinitely. Sometimes they explode too early and you end up copying only dots. So watch your dot trackers.

    For really short AoE, only copy/paste your double SoC without dots, they won’t tick long enough.

    Last tip : We cannot speak Aoe without mentionning Mannoroth fury. Tested in game, the buff IS NOT snapeshoted for SoC. Otherwise, we would’nt be cheated any more but SUPER-cheated and so SUPER-hated.
    This means that Mannoroth fury will concern only the SoC EXPLODING DURING the 10 sec buff. A SoC soulswap-copy during the buff and soulswap-paste after the buff will NOT benefit the 100% dmg !
    This way, you should cast MF just between soulswap-copy and soulswap-paste your double SoC and 3 dots and once again, spamm as hell.

    • Sparkuggz
      Sparkuggz 10 October, 2013, 17:12

      Yea i know about SB + SoC + SoC and then SB + SS , but i felt like there isn’t really more then 1 or maybe 2 encounters you can TRY this on where it’s even WORTH to try it on with a high risk they explode while u spam SB+SS. It ‘works’ in theory, but isnt really working in practice tbh. often times it’s better to just spam MF + SoC because the targets die so fast as well. There isn’t many places substained AoE is a thing these days

  50. Diasi
    Diasi 10 October, 2013, 22:28

    But if you are SSing only the two SoCs, isn’t it the same number of global cooldowns to instead just cast SoC twice?

    • Morranor
      Morranor 11 October, 2013, 13:38

      Yes, it is two gcd whatever you do. But cast SoC twice, you add 2 cast time plus 2 travel time. SS is instant and no travel time. Anyway, this is more a trash/fun dps meter situation than mandatory boss strat.

  51. Sesomaru
    Sesomaru 11 October, 2013, 05:34

    Hi there guys,

    first of all Gratz for the World First Sparkuggz! Great Job!
    I have a question to my opener. I play my lock now since Vanilla and i’ve alwys felt good with it.
    But since i saw your Recount/Skada in the Opener iam depressed.

    Iam 552ilvl now with Wushoo/Immerseus, for Example thok. I start with :

    SB+SS (about 25sec before we pull so i won’t lose a SS.)
    Haunt + Apply CoE since we have no Rogue or DK in our 10man Raid
    MG Till my Wushoo is on 10 Stacks+Immerseus trinket (this happens 9/10 times).

    i try to keep haunt up and skip the Thok Interrupt until its not worth it annymore, and still i reach a maximum of 500k in the opener. Most of the time even less (420k,450k)

    We start with Bloodlust/Hero.

    Btw: Where can i sign up for the Forum ?!

    greetings sesomaru

    • Sparkuggz
      Sparkuggz 11 October, 2013, 05:40

      Hey Sesomaru,

      First of all, if you are troll make sure you do your 2nd SB + SS as soon as everything procced, don’t wait until 10 stacks wusholay to renew them. Then you should actually do one more right before Berserking fade (if you are troll) or else around the 10 stack wush. You miss the whole buffed dots in the opener it seems like from what you say. You just apply dots, wait for 10 stack wush = you have dots rolling with 0 procs

      I might also wait with the Doomguard until you apply more things, since it isn’t that needed to get up early. You can always save it for 20% too.

      Forums signup should be fixed soon, i dont know where it went!

      • Sesomaru
        Sesomaru 11 October, 2013, 06:05

        thanks alot man. this makes so much sense i never thought about it :/

        • nezza
          nezza 24 October, 2013, 07:48

          With my opener,

          i normally pre-pot, prehaunt. pop all cds ds, bersking, gloves – SB:SS would you SB:SS mid way thru bersking and then 1 sec remaining or is that overkill?

  52. Sparkuggz
    Sparkuggz 11 October, 2013, 23:33

    # Update

    – Added new stat priority post nerfs for different item levels
    – Added the proper trinket list
    – Removed 4P to 2P + 3 Warforged

  53. Gorky
    Gorky 13 October, 2013, 11:01

    i am a little confused about the bis gear list. there is a lot of items with no mastery on them, but it says it is mastery heavy build. i thought rule for heavy stat build is to have that stat on every piece of gear.

    • Sparkuggz
      Sparkuggz 13 October, 2013, 16:49

      Recheck the stat section, doesn’t say heavy mastery anymore. BiS list is irrelevant tbh, because it depends on more things than x or y. Just get 3 warforged pieces with like haste or mastery on them and you are rather safe.

  54. Devil
    Devil 13 October, 2013, 15:54

    But 2 of WF items are hit/haste , i dont see that mutch mastery on them and head tier have haste/mastery … Its not better hands/head insted of sholders and hands for 2P t16 ?

    • Sparkuggz
      Sparkuggz 13 October, 2013, 16:49

      head, chest and legs have more stat value then shoulder and gloves which should make it better warforged in general above shoulder / gloves. Remember all stats are pretty much equal for most specs these days, so it’s not that major as you may think at all.

      • Gorky
        Gorky 13 October, 2013, 22:47

        aha thank you for clearing this up. did not think about tier items this way. i just read somewhere that if you don’t have mastery on you gear, that is bad these days.

  55. Scotus
    Scotus 17 October, 2013, 05:58

    Hey man, i would rlly apreciate it if you could give me some help. Oh just a heads yup btw, i’m trying to get
    wosh atm.
    that’s me, so i’m stack on about 200-250k depending on single or aoe fights, is it because of gear, or i can go more?

    • Sparkuggz
      Sparkuggz 17 October, 2013, 08:46

      Sounds low, you should be doing more. It def isn’t because your gear setup is completly wrong or something. Try to look at your playstyle

  56. Infin
    Infin 21 October, 2013, 04:15

    Another quick question for you Spark…
    I go destruction for about 1/3 the fights in SoO ( Sha of Pride, Galakras, Spoils, Garrosh +/- Immerseus).
    Currently at 552 ilvl with the LFR version of purified bindings. As I am a Goblin, I can get to my haste cap of 13180 with only 3 red gems and 2 yellows, and some light reforging.
    I’m wondering how valuable do you think the 13180 haste cap is for affliction? Should I aim for it knowing my destro damage will suffer, or should I go all out Mastery and let the haste fall where it may (somewhere around 12000).

    • Sparkuggz
      Sparkuggz 21 October, 2013, 15:17

      I don’t think its healthy to go 13.000+ haste or even above 10k haste as Destruction. There is no middle way if you want to maximize, but if you are fine with a middle road i guess i would focus more on a balanced stat around 10k haste, instead of 13k.

  57. Tylray
    Tylray 23 October, 2013, 14:29

    Hey, first off thank you for making this site, I stumbled upon it a short while ago while looking for help with Aff, as I am just starting out with it (been a destro since I leveled my lock). I want to start PvE’ing as Aff soon, do you have any recommendations for me in terms of gear, etc for both destro and Aff based on my toon? http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/lightbringer/Darktoot/simple

    • Tylray
      Tylray 23 October, 2013, 14:31

      I should also mention, in most fights I do around 175-200k dps, depending on the fight, of course. I top off around 185k at normal malkorok.

    • Sparkuggz
      Sparkuggz 24 October, 2013, 18:19

      Just take any item with mastery one it, secondary stats aren’t that important. Generally Haste is a bit better for Affliction if you want to combine it with Destruction too!

  58. nezza
    nezza 24 October, 2013, 07:04

    sparkz, noticed a error when you explain GoSaC. it’s the demo version. nothing major.

  59. Chrno
    Chrno 26 October, 2013, 11:12

    Hi Sparkuggz,
    Can you help me how now we can reforge. Its become difficulty for me when I got Purified Bindings of Immerseus with reforgelite addon. Can you give us some tips?

    • Gorky
      Gorky 26 October, 2013, 18:32

      hey Chrno,
      found this nice chart in icyveins a while back.
      basically unequip your bindings, reforgeto haste for your bindings ilvl according to that table.

      sorry Sparkuggz, i dont know if we are allowed to post links in here.

      • Chrno
        Chrno 27 October, 2013, 07:44

        Thank Gorky.

      • Sparkuggz
        Sparkuggz 27 October, 2013, 11:39

        It’s fine, im no nazi, just trying to center some questions and help for warlocks : ) There isn’t one place that provides all!

    • Sparkuggz
      Sparkuggz 27 October, 2013, 11:36

      I think you can just use ask mr robot with own values and setting stuff higher than the other.

  60. Methens
    Methens 28 October, 2013, 16:54

    Hi Sparko
    I have a question regarding the BiS list, wouldn’t the THok chest be better, since it has mastery and U can forge the crit to haste? over the protectors with no mastery at all, the % U can reforge from the hit is vastly inferior.
    Also basically the same question I did for Demo also, what would U say is the best stats for CM’s/Proving grounds, int/mastery also? or int with haste.
    Thnx alot for ur responses.

    • Sparkuggz
      Sparkuggz 28 October, 2013, 17:04

      Dont take the BIS seriously, there is 100 different gear setups and they all work. Haste is really good for Affliction right now, so it’s debateable what you would want. If you want mastery heavy, you should go for mastery shoulders or the haste / mastery legs

      • Methens
        Methens 29 October, 2013, 10:19

        And how about the stats for the 463iLvL CM’s and proving grounds, what would U say is best?
        Int and then what mastery or haste?

  61. Lyokii
    Lyokii 30 October, 2013, 13:03

    Hey =)

    can u tell me how the passive “time is money” (goblins) really works?

    for example:
    it shows me i got 19,19% haste. When i hover my mouse over it, it tells me i got Haste 3445 (+8.11% Haste)

    Does this mean 3445 = my 19,19 % haste or do i have 8,11 haste = 3445 and the +1% isnt shown in the numbers (3445) ?

    Cus if it isnt displayed but ratehr just added hidden what does that means for my hastecap as the goblin? 6637 as a breakpoint wouldnt be 6637 for me. I tried to break it down with some other hastecaps for demonology. But all the times 1% isnt 1% at all.
    U want 8094 haste as a Demonlock. But if ur a goblin 7593 is enough. No matter how often u do the math.Its not 1% difference in it.

    Would be nice if u could add goblinhaste caps to ur guides =)


    • Sparkuggz
      Sparkuggz 31 October, 2013, 13:59

      Everything should be correctly shown in your character sheet, if you reach a % of haste there it’s including trinkets (purified, goblin racial) etc etc.

      • Lyokii
        Lyokii 31 October, 2013, 15:38

        Hmm i tested around a bit and its annoying.

        Im at 3445 Haste which means 8,11% BUT dots and stuff is calculated with 19,19%. So infact if im aiming for like 8094 haste im way overcapped as a goblin.

        So no matter what the actual haste i got is its not shown to me in numbers just in %. Annoying. Thats why ur hastecaps r not working for me as a goblin at all since i need the actual % of 8094 or the correct numbers for goblins =)

  62. vonneumann
    vonneumann 30 October, 2013, 22:27

    Hi Sparkuggz,

    The affliction warlock guide in the Icy-Veins forums says that during execute phase,

    “It has been said by a few highly skilled Warlocks that consuming all of your Soul Shards by spamming Haunt before going back to Drain Soul during execute phase is stronger with the changes to Affliction in 5.4. I’ve not yet tested, but I trust these guys. In execute phase, spam Haunt before going back to Drain Soul!”

    Is this true?

    • Sparkuggz
      Sparkuggz 31 October, 2013, 14:06

      Nope, not with how they nerfed haunt and that haunt doesn’t get increased by the previous haunt if it lands before it expires.

  63. Eliölith
    Eliölith 31 October, 2013, 09:36

    Hi Sparkz, thanks for the awesome work, it’s really helpful !
    I have one question though (I’m a fresh 90 so it might seem trivial for some of you) :
    You recommand engineering as a profession for the burst it provides when using synapse springs in combination with “on use” trinkets. I have read the same advice in Blatty’s warlock guide but I can’t seem to make this work : /
    Every time I use either the gloves or the trinket, it puts the other item on CD for a few seconds, as if synapse springs and trinkets shared a common CD. Whether I tried with a macro like
    /cast Dark Soul
    /use 10
    /use 13
    or by bindings the items on different keys, it always puts the second item on a few-seconds CD, preventing me from using both gloves and trinkets buff…
    Does anyone else have this problem or is this something related to lag ?
    (Lag issue could make sense since I have the same kind of problem with the SB:SS macro, SB is activated but SS isn’t cast…)

    • Sparkuggz
      Sparkuggz 31 October, 2013, 14:13

      You can’t use a “on use” trinket + gloves at the same time, but since there is no on use trinkets at decent item levels, this is just not really mentioned anyhwere. There is a CD between using the two, like if you equip 2x on use trinkets you cant stack them

  64. rhuan
    rhuan 4 November, 2013, 15:11

    Woah this kind of website is fantastic i really like mastering your site content. Stay up the great paintings! You already know, plenty of people want all over due to this data, you can support these greatly.

  65. Chase
    Chase 7 November, 2013, 13:07

    Hi Spark!

    First of all, awesome guide! Thanks for the great work.

    Here is my question for you, as affliction, is it true that pre pot Kafa Press instead of Potion of Jade Serpent will result in a higher opener dps? In theory 4000 haste is not better than 4000 int. But in combine with Bloodlust, Lifeblood, engineering glove and Berserk maybe it will be a dps increase?

    What’s your opinion on this?


    • Sparkuggz
      Sparkuggz 7 November, 2013, 17:04

      I highly doubt it’s a DPS increase anymore, but there was some discussion if it was for Demonology with snapshotting imps with haste.

  66. senX
    senX 7 November, 2013, 15:28

    Hey :)

    awesome homepage and i really love how much work you are putting into all of this, have to donate too probably ;D

    but u write guide’s on all spec’s and say affl. is viable on shorter fights but worse then destro and so on. but what is the go to spec as a average equiped warlock. im running destro right now but i’d love to try affl. too but is it worth it? i want to do the max dps i can ofc, i dont rly care what spec it takes of the 3. thanks in advance :)

    • Sparkuggz
      Sparkuggz 7 November, 2013, 17:05

      Affliction is very strong when its shorter fights and many of the SoO fights are actually good for Affliction. But you need to hit some higher gear levles for it to really work. Destruction was / is the best transition spec into SoO where Affliction will become better the further we move on and kill times and gear goes down and up!

      • senX
        senX 7 November, 2013, 18:53

        thanks a lot, u rly put huuuuge effort into all this man i love it, i will actually cash out a little just to donate :D i just started 2 id’s back and only got 525 ilvl just yet so i might stick to destro for a while ;>

  67. Infectika
    Infectika 7 November, 2013, 20:29

    Sparks, first of all you are who made me want to start playing my lock again, and its been awesome. My ilvl is not 570 and I’ve used your guide to hit 1mil in the opener etc. I was wondering if you thought that if i went from alch to engy it would be any kind of noticeable dps increase?

    My armory – http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/hyjal/Infectika/simple

    OH a last thing looking at my gear do you think it would be good for me to keep tier chest/gloves and pick up a H WF Galakras hat and Dou Dou Chong shoulders and just stick with the 2 set?

    • Infectika
      Infectika 7 November, 2013, 21:45

      So i said not 570…i meant to saw now haha.

    • Sparkuggz
      Sparkuggz 10 November, 2013, 02:55

      It will, passive stats suck and Alch is exactly that. Engineering lines up with burst, which will always profit you more!.

      Gear upgrades, sidegrades etc. Use something like mr robot or wowhead to compare the item stats and see if it’s worth it!

  68. Prairiechicken
    Prairiechicken 8 November, 2013, 18:52


    With the soul swap changes wouldn’t apply 3 dots + seed and then soul swapping them all over the adds work better? With it you can spread 3 dots plus seed of corruption to the targets (would require extra gcd though)

  69. Danjackiels
    Danjackiels 10 November, 2013, 18:43

    Hey Sparkuggz,

    I’ve got a question.

    I am trying to optimize my affliction opener.
    At the moment I hit all the spells with my keybindings.
    In the opener that can be pretty “finger cracking”.. if you know what I mean.

    So I tryed it with a castsequence makro today.
    /castsequence reset=target Trank der Jadeschlange, heimsuchung, fluch der elemente, seelenbrand, finstere seele: elend, 10, lebensblut, berserker, seelentausch, bösartiger griff

    Its like… pre-pot, haunt, CoE, SB, DS, Ingi, Herbalism, Racial, SS, MG
    Now the problem I got with that…
    a) Sometimes this is casting soulburn 2 times in a row…
    b) and it is casting soulswap exhale -> inhale automatically every fucking time!
    So I lose a global with casting soul swap inhale and I lose a shard with double-soulburn. }:<
    Is there a way I can ensure that this will not happen?

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.. :)

    formerly known as lykasha :P

    • Danjackiels
      Danjackiels 11 November, 2013, 10:46

      I solved the double-soulburn Problem.
      Maybe it was just because of some stupid laggs or sth..

      The soulswap exhale -> soulswap inhale still makes me pretty mad! :<
      sb. got any ideas?

      • Sparkuggz
        Sparkuggz 11 November, 2013, 16:49

        Nope, but if you solve it let me know :D

        • Danjackiels
          Danjackiels 12 November, 2013, 08:52

          Hum.. *sadface*

          But anyways, now I created this one:
          /castsequence reset=target Trank der Jadeschlange, heimsuchung, fluch der elemente, seelenbrand, finstere seele: elend, 10, lebensblut, berserker, fffff

          It’s: pre-pot, haunt, CoE, SB, DS, Ingi, Herbalism, Racial, ffff

          Now… this is doing pretty much everything up to the point you have to soulswap. The “ffff”-part is just to ensure, that the makro will not start casting haunt again.

          I also created a tmw condition item which is showing up in the middle of the screen for 1 sec if “berserker” is active. That’s the point where my makro ends.

          I now only have to smash my makro and wait till the big symbol shows up. Thats when I have to do a soulswap to continue with MG.

          After that just the normal SB-SS things. And look to meters, crawling to #2 with 800k – 1mio dps. :P Only our enhancer with lord gear and lord burst (1,4 mio single target on juggernaut! o.ô) is blocking me. :(

          I feel pretty comfortable with this makro.
          At least… It is better than nothing. :D

    • Sparkuggz
      Sparkuggz 11 November, 2013, 16:45

      You sadly won’t be able to do a cast sequence macro properly with Affliction opener, just have to go through it :<

  70. Cåstiel
    Cåstiel 10 November, 2013, 22:45

    Hey Sparkuggz, just before I ask my question, just saying. You’re the most amazing warlock in existence and you’re my idol xD!!!
    First of all though, I was just wondering whether there is anything impacting my Warlocks dps etc, as I’m having difficulty even reaching 150k as affliction and I’m in 551 ilvl gear. http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/argent-dawn/C%C3%A5stiel/simple
    I was also wondering, whether I should keep my chest, as I currently have a flexi raid, tier chest, which gets me my two set, but my current chest is warforged, IDK whether to keep it or not? I was also wondering whether Affliction just takes a while to get use to, or whether I’m just a total noob. xD,

    And my final question was what is a good dot tracking addon, as I find my dots seem to go off the target before my trinkets proc, Or my trinkets do proc, and IDK whether my dots are still applied or not.

    Anyway, any advice would be amazing!

    Thanks a bunch :3

    • Sparkuggz
      Sparkuggz 11 November, 2013, 16:49

      gear setup differences you need to try to compare it im simcraft or use something like wowhead, mr robot to compare stats. You probably are doing something wrong if you cant push more with that gear, but Yulon trinket is really bad. Try to record yourself and watch what you are doing wrong and compare it to other affliction warlocks. Else last case you can try my personal coaching :D

    • Danjackiels
      Danjackiels 12 November, 2013, 08:59

      To track your dots you can use several things..
      I prefer tidy plates. So I can see all my debuffs at the nameplates.
      The other AddOn is affdots. The addon tells you when to refresh your dots. :)

  71. idlifetapdat
    idlifetapdat 14 November, 2013, 05:38

    hey spark, im currently progressing in heroic with my guild. ive been trying the specific specs out, and my destruction dmg seem to crush demo and affliction on most fights. the only fight i found demo to do better than destruction was fallen protectors. im currently at 564 ilvl. i did 370k dps on fallen protectors hc, is that bad? im rly wondering if blackblood would do a any noticable increase? running normal toxic totem + hc wf binding at the moment.

    • Sparkuggz
      Sparkuggz 15 November, 2013, 10:43

      Blackblood is major for demo because you can get 60% crit on your dooms with 10 stack and everything. That’s nearly a mini UVLS. Not sure why you see lower numbers with affliction, it’s a good spec. All 3 work, demo being worst imo.

  72. Seth
    Seth 15 November, 2013, 22:10

    Could you do a video explaining how to DPS multiple target fights like Fallen Protectors? I had to swap from Warlock to Tank this tier, and I’m a bit behind the times, I’m now seeing in logs almost constant Soul Swap usage on the top parses.

    • Shizwix
      Shizwix 16 November, 2013, 17:27

      You just maintain strong dots as usual on your main target but use soul swap to spread them. It’s pretty simple.

      The change to soul swap means it has no cooldown and doesn’t remove the dots from the original target.

  73. Amk
    Amk 28 November, 2013, 07:34

    Hi, is it necessary to play with 2pc as Affliction? (Single or aoe like Protectors?)
    I have 556 and only two legs .. The Ordos one’s and T16.
    Is it worth to wear the set pants over the nice stats of Ordos legs?
    I cant afford the 2pc with other set parts now because of no drops. We are at 3/14hc.

    And another question: is it worth to gem for the 9778 haste cap or better to go for mastery>haste?

    • Sparkuggz
      Sparkuggz 28 November, 2013, 13:26

      Affliction set bonus are quite bad for multi dotting fights

      • Amk
        Amk 28 November, 2013, 15:10

        Thanks for the fast respond!
        So for single target the bonus from 2pc is nice to have or must have? :)
        Sorry for this questions.
        But with my gear simcraft is saying that I have single target without 2pc (300 sec fight) 249k dps and with 2pc 269k. 20k push? I can’t believe that. (As Affliction)
        Stats : 9778 haste > mastery > crit

        With destro simcraft is showing me 297k. (with affliction stats, 9778 haste > mastery > crit)
        With demo 299k (haste build) and 296k (mastery build)

  74. Amk
    Amk 28 November, 2013, 11:54

    And is there a warlock simcraft build? The standard is telling me much more single target dos with destro over affli, but its in most cases the other way in our raids :)

    • Sparkuggz
      Sparkuggz 28 November, 2013, 13:27

      That’s how simcraft is, a long fight Affliction is a bit shady but shorter fights makes it strong

  75. Portèr
    Portèr 7 December, 2013, 14:16

    Hey spark, great guide but i still seem to be lacking dps as a 560 ilvl warlock, i usually play destro and want to change to affli, http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/outland/Port%C3%A8r/simple that is my character armoury, is their anything wrong?

    • Shühei
      Shühei 7 December, 2013, 17:42

      If you read carefully in the guide than spakhuggz have made you will see that you will aim to have 9778 haster so you might wanna go for that breakpoint :)

    • Chase
      Chase 12 December, 2013, 18:42

      I like to aim for the 1300ish break point at 560 ilvl.

      Since you are using black blood your opener is slightly different and ass aff your opened can make or break your dps for a fight.

      You want to open with your pre pot -> doomguard -> soulburn soulswap and then wait for your two trinket procs while malfuric grasping. Once your black blood and bindings have procced you want to pop your dark soul macro and reapply your dots with sb ss again followed by a haunt. Wait till your black blood hits 10 stacks or right before tempus repit (meta proc) expires you want to sb ss reapply again and malfuric grasp channel while maintaining haunt.

      Hope this helped!

      • Nox
        Nox 20 January, 2014, 19:13

        Malfuric grasp too stronk. Is that Malfurion’s ability?

  76. jaykay
    jaykay 15 December, 2013, 11:49

    Hey Sparks,
    on affliction with GoSup, the observer is still better than shivarra?

    • Sparkuggz
      Sparkuggz 18 December, 2013, 19:00

      There is really no difference, very small / RNG. Imp is generally good for protectors and fights where pet would move otherwise

  77. mell
    mell 29 December, 2013, 00:55

    i am a affli lock ilvl 531 and can burst 220-240k dps with hero without prepot and it goes down during the fight to about 110- 140k dps it depends on the boss(not counting multidoting bosses)
    i dont have legendary mete and i dont have legendary cloak so i wounder if my dps is ok for my ilvl?
    cheers for the vids and guides it have realy helped out :)

  78. Chase
    Chase 2 January, 2014, 05:51

    In your BIS list I noticed you don’t bother taking the 4 set, can you explain why? Cheers.

  79. Shühei
    Shühei 18 January, 2014, 02:33

    Hello Sparkuggz just a little warlock question or actually more a haunt question the haunt increases you’re dots dmg by ”x” amount of dmg but when the haunt is up do you need to re-apply you’re dots for the dmg to activate or do the haunt automatically increase you’re dmg when it is applied and you dont have to apply you’re dots again? :) greatest regards ”Shühei TN”

  80. Dizii
    Dizii 20 January, 2014, 19:49

    which is good ilvl for affliction ?

  81. Moxxie
    Moxxie 21 January, 2014, 19:52

    Ahoy Spark! As a very fresh heroic raider, killed everything up to nazgrim, except shamans, do you think it would be wise to go for the 13373 affli haste cap, even tho i only play affli on Protectors, Jugg and shamans for now, i play destro for the rest! I would lose around 19% mastery, and gain 8.15% haste, what do you think? :D

  82. Danjackiels
    Danjackiels 22 January, 2014, 15:42

    Hey Sparkuggz,

    I’ve got a question. Maybe you asked it yourself a few times and got your own prio list.

    But first! I have to let this out: :D …
    I finally… I mean… really, it’s not a dream, a joke or sth. like that… Not, that I did not dream about it several times LOL… I FINALLY… like… *keep tension* …oh my god, I can’t believe it. IT’S REAL!
    I finally got BBoY !
    Even tho it’s just the NM version and not even WF (10 man… no comment) but anyways… After 12 runs and 8 coins. I NOW FINALLY GOT IT!
    #Happy as fuck!

    I am not pushed into Destro on 13 out of 14 fights in 10 man SoO anymore… IT’S SO SUPER-AWESOME, DUDE!

    Okay, so… let’s be serious for a moment.

    I now got BBoY and srsly try to outperform everyone else in my raid even if it’s a hard piece of work since they got 3 – 5 ilvl more… I am currently at 571 with 19,2 k mastery and arround 13k haste 11/14 HC (Siegecrafter sux!). Doing fairly well at the Moment. Beat the Boomkin and Bang-Mage nearly everywhere. Their only chances are Protectors, Norushen, Juggernaut and that’s it. :)

    So, please give me your opinion (for protectors AND for single target) when to use 2nd DS. If BBoY procs or if Meta procs? (remember, 25k int proc at nm version vs 30% haste)

    I was running around 530k together with our Arcane Mage at Protectors. Pretty equal. Now, with BBoY instead of Totem: I try to aim 700 – 800k this ID AND I want to hear that mage cry. :P So, cross your fingers while I pray to RNG GOD the next 5 Days…

    Please give me your opinion on the second DS. 25k int proc or 30% haste?

    Best regards,
    a freakin’ happy WL with a brand new BBoY. ;)

    PS: Moods + Guti. If you read this: Buhahah ;D

  83. Sanderstar
    Sanderstar 29 January, 2014, 17:22

    Best sparkuggz,
    i’ve been wondering about a few things last few weeks for example you went over the 14 k haste any reason for that? + i’ve been raiding in a 10 man guild and just finshed a destro set with 20.5 k mastery and a affli set with 19.5 k mastery and 13.8 k haste, wowprogress shows that the more mastery i drop the lower my sim dps would be for example the diffrence between my 2 gear sets on wowprogress is about 30 k less for 1k mastery, next to that i’ve got a other question you dont stack that much mastery seeing that your on wow-europe at 18.5 k mastery etc, do you think the socket bonus like 120 int out ways ignoring it for compleet 300 mastery gems? or do you say that there is a certain point that sp will be a bigger dps increase? thank you for your time reading

    • Sparkuggz
      Sparkuggz 29 January, 2014, 17:58

      First things first,

      14k Haste
      There is no specific reason for this, just simply the only gear i could obtain. We have very bad luck with drops in Method raids considering we farmed everything on HC for months now :<

      Simdps from wowprogress
      Really useless tool, it’ sims your character with like 100 sims, which is far far too little as the RNG is too big and since you can differ 150.000 dps from one pull to the other in these disgusting RNG times, the sims will obviously be flawed and you can sim 10k+/- dps just from the same gear each time. Don’t use this tool for anything, ever. That being said, yes you will see very slightly higher results with haste as first stat, but thats pure single target fights, where mastery is just good for everything, everywhere. The difference is so small in theory, that even in practice mastery is just superior and no reason not to go for. Don’t always trust tools, they can easily misslead you, that being said, you can never experience a 30k difference in DPS from just swapping around 1k mastery, thats mathmathically impossible, swapping very few stats are always very little difference, try to check the post i made about destro haste vs crit

      Socket bonus
      No, you want to keep socket bonus, because 1x MAstery is not better than 1x Intellect. It’s only when you go 2x Mastery that it’s better than 1x Intellect. Because the value of intellect is higher then 1x mastery, but when you get 2 for 1’s price, Mastery becomes far better. an example is that intellect would give you 8 dps pr intellect, while mastery would give you 5-6 DPS pr stat (just an example) thus the socket bonus would always be worth it except if it’s some 60 hit socket, it’s all about adding up total gain stat vs lost and compare rough value of stats

      Best Regards,

  84. Artifus
    Artifus 31 January, 2014, 15:47

    Hi ,
    makes it a great difference if i go for the 16525 haste cap to become another agony tick or not ?

    • Sparkuggz
      Sparkuggz 31 January, 2014, 16:10

      Nope, you shouldn’t stack for any haste caps really unless you are close by default

  85. Nazo
    Nazo 5 February, 2014, 19:49

    Hey Spark just wanted to say thanks for the great guides, i have a question about the races, if you answered this somewhere in one of your guides my apologies for missing it. Basically right now my warlock is a troll and for silly reasons i would like to change to an orc, I do not feel that destro damage would be affected too much by losing the berserk racial (correct me if i am wrong) but in affliction and possibly demo there may be a substantial loss, just was looking to get your thoughts on it. Thanks!

    • Sparkuggz
      Sparkuggz 5 February, 2014, 20:38

      There is some lists of racials if you check the guide, but yea it’s quite big for Affliction and Demonology. Destruction i guess you can argue it’s closer.

      • Nazo
        Nazo 5 February, 2014, 22:27

        I think ill be staying troll, the simulations are a pretty difference, thank you for your time Spark

  86. Atlamillia
    Atlamillia 9 February, 2014, 20:16

    Hey Spark,
    I started watching you demo lock back in Throne of Thunder, and it inspired me to want to play demo, try a brand new class, leveled strictly demo, so thanks for that

    • Atlamillia
      Atlamillia 9 February, 2014, 20:17

      uhh.. apparently it cut it off, but this was the original message:

      Hey Spark,
      I started watching you demo lock back in Throne of Thunder, and it inspired me to want to play demo, try a brand new class, leveled strictly demo, so thanks for that

    • Atlamillia
      Atlamillia 9 February, 2014, 20:22

      alright concise version: do you keep 2 different sets of gear completely in your bags specific for destro/afflic, or do you constantly reforge the gear you have for both specs
      appreciate the guides immensely man, keep up the good work :>

      • Sparkuggz
        Sparkuggz 10 February, 2014, 00:23

        Hey Atlamillia,

        The lucky thing is that we can use Affliction + Destruction reforge pretty much the same by just swapping Black blood from Toxic totem. Tho you start to get 3 WF pieces, you will use those as AFfliction and thus need to make your 15% hit fit with 3 WF pieces and 4P + offpiece shoulder as destro.

        How i solved that for my gear set up right now was to have 2x gloves, one with exp / mastery gems and one without, so i wouldnt get over hit cap when i swapped to affl -> thus giving me 2 best options.

        But really, regardless if you wouldnt swap, the dps difference is non exsistent from playing one of the specs with a little change in stat if you could gain 50 haste or mastery more (etc.) you get the idea.

        Best Regards,

        • Atlamillia
          Atlamillia 11 February, 2014, 00:08

          Thanks a lot man. <3 one last question, kinda on the wrong guide but; with shadowburn are we supposed to treat them as we would chaos bolts, use them for the mana debuff/ember regen, or just spam it like an arms warrior does with slam?

          • Sparkuggz
            Sparkuggz 11 February, 2014, 03:55

            You spam them on mobs, but bosses you cb with procs and fill sb with 4p. There should be a few posts in the comment section where its discussed!

  87. Ryan
    Ryan 11 February, 2014, 16:23

    I know it has been a while since anyone has commented on this post, but I have a question about the opener. About 20 seconds before the pull, do you precast a SoulBurn so that when it is time to pull, you have a SoulBurn ready to use and it has already regened back to 4? If so, do you coordinate this with your raid or just try and get lucky with the pull timer? I have had issues trying to line this up with a raid group that doesn’t always put up a timer after everyone is ready. Also, it makes for quite a headache having to deal with this before pull and hope that you are lucky with the timing.

    I appreciate all you do for warlocks! Hope to get a response!

    • Sparkuggz
      Sparkuggz 11 February, 2014, 21:17

      Yea its just pure random if u make it. Cant be douchebag and let raid wait, plus if ur more than 1 lock, u fuck others up

  88. Jaypwee
    Jaypwee 12 February, 2014, 17:33

    Hey Spark,

    I have been into Affliction since I got the gear now. However, I’m in a serious dilemma between how I should optimize my gear between the two specs. I have 575ilvl without 4 set, but i have 573 ilvl with 4 set. Usually, i’ve been using the 4 set for destruction the whole time, but after I started enjoying affliction again, I decided to wear my 575ilvl gear set for affliction. However, since it had 16% hit, I had to reforge it down to get close to the hit cap, but then my 573 ilvl with 4 set will be lower than the hit cap. Since I can’t reforge everytime I switch specs, what should I do at this moment? Either play destro without the 4 set and use 575+ilvl gear, or use affliction spec with 1% over hit cap.

    Tldr; Is the 4set for destro seriously worth taking it over 2 additional item levels?

    • Sparkuggz
      Sparkuggz 12 February, 2014, 17:42

      Well, you have to reforge. There is no middle way. I had the issue that i have 2 gloves (pick up 2nd tokens) and put different gems in them. Destro 4p is huge, so i’d prolly rather play 4p affl than play 1% over hit cap, buuuuut you cant really optimize the gear for either if you don’t want to reforge :P Try to pick up 2nd tokens and then work from that

      • Jaypwee
        Jaypwee 12 February, 2014, 17:48

        Alright D: I”ll play with 1% over hit cap


        Man.. I kinda regret giving up the totems now. I didn’t know destro 4 piece was that huge.

        • Sparkuggz
          Sparkuggz 12 February, 2014, 17:53

          Puh, that sounds bad! You can always just swap around gems which isn’t toooooo expensive :P

  89. Spandauer
    Spandauer 14 February, 2014, 16:24

    Hi Spark,
    thanks alot for your guides etc. that you put out. I have one question that I don’t feel really answered in this guide nor in any others: When do you use SS/Exhale to transfer/spread dots? i.e. on Protectors.

    What conditions have to be met for you to spread them and under which conditions do you refresh them? I do OK as affliction but looking at some of the top 50 logs, the Agony damage they do is almost double mine.


    • Sparkuggz
      Sparkuggz 15 February, 2014, 16:58

      Protectors is just a cheese tactic where you Inhale your dots, cast something, exhale before inhale fades and then keep your dots rolling for 1,5 minute on the fight instead of 30 seconds.

      You always want to spread the dots with procs, to extend their duration for as long as possible.

      • Rhadamanthos
        Rhadamanthos 18 February, 2014, 14:17

        What do you mean keep the dots rolling for 1,5 minute?

        I thought generally you just sous-swapped non-stop in Protectors until your had procs pop up and refreshed all of them?

        Also, what fights are you using the non-stop soul-swap? Some of your parses show you doing barely any Maelific Grasp over your DOTs, which means you heavily soul-swapped them.

        • Sparkuggz
          Sparkuggz 18 February, 2014, 14:36

          Soul Swap, (wait, cast MGx1 or Haunt), Cast Soul Swap on 2nd target and rinse repeat with delaying 1 cast between each Soul Swap = increasing dot duration by a large margain because they don’t tick in time while they are inhaled.

          Protectors, Spoils and even on fights where you have 2 targets you can extend the big duration dots and get them back on boss with a larger duration which is beneficial overall

          • Rhadamanthos
            Rhadamanthos 18 February, 2014, 16:35

            Yeah that’s what I was thinking since you technically have about 5 secs to exhale them before you lose them.

            I was checking our Frag’s stream the other day and it seemed he did crazy DPS on protectors on his lock as aff but noticed he didn’t wait all that much most of the time and just spammed Soul Swap non-stop.

            I am thinking because of the fact that he had 3 targets and there wasn’t a lot of time between inhale/exhale between 3 targets?

            • Sparkuggz
              Sparkuggz 18 February, 2014, 17:11

              Well if you have a target that doesnt have dots, you instantly swap. Else you “try” to obtain delaying if you have 3 targets with dots ticking already.

  90. Rivelier
    Rivelier 20 February, 2014, 22:05

    How do i know what haste i’m close to by gear? So i can figure out how to optimize gems and reforge.

    • Sparkuggz
      Sparkuggz 22 February, 2014, 07:49

      Your “passive” haste when you are reforged to 15% hit and such should be close to a “cap” , lets say you have reforged 15% hit > mastery > haste > crit and with this you get 13500 haste passivly, then you obviously would gain more if you gem to go for the 13737 haste cap. But if you have 10000 passive haste, you should not go gem for 13737 cap!

  91. Hezus
    Hezus 22 February, 2014, 08:34

    You said above the duration is increasing by soul swapping.

    Am i doing something wrong or is it just agony which gets increased?

    Cor und UA gets decreased over time… after the first swap 15sec on UA second swap 10sec UA and on the third its even 5sec left.

    • Sparkuggz
      Sparkuggz 22 February, 2014, 10:03

      You inhale dots, you get a buff for x seconds before you _have_ to exhale them again. This time they are inhaled, they do not tick, which means if you cast 1x MG tick or 1x Haunt tick between, the dots will come out with the same duration but 3 seconds later, ye?

      So if you have 3 targets, you don’t care to instantly soul swap around dots, which means you can “delay” exhaling them, which gives you ‘extra’ seconds where the dots are not ticking, but waiting to get exhaled

      • Hezus
        Hezus 22 February, 2014, 20:41

        Ah okay so i miss understood it.

        when Cor and UA gets to the 5sec left. what is better to renew them manuel or apply them with soul swap? i think soul swap could be then a loss since agony could profit enough with pandemic and proccs.

        • Sparkuggz
          Sparkuggz 23 February, 2014, 08:08

          If you do the protector trick you never renew a ticking agony (you really never do at all) with opening CD’s. You manually renew it at 0-1 seconds left, not before that unless you have major procs to fade.

          • Hezus
            Hezus 23 February, 2014, 17:56

            thanks sparkz, there will be a long training lfr session coming :D

  92. Bain
    Bain 27 February, 2014, 16:16

    Quick question about Affliction on Norushen. I assume that you are one of the first to be purified, wondering how you manage your opener. Do you begin your opener then inhale right before you go into the other realm? I have been trying this every week and have only been able to exhale to the add inside once (very tight window from what I have seen). OR do you wait around and just extend your dots on the adds that first spawn then when they fall off purify yourself and start all over?

    • Sparkuggz
      Sparkuggz 27 February, 2014, 16:59

      I never get to go in first : P

      You ultimately want to inhale right before you leave and exhale the boss with the 10 stack bboy. You can go in instantly and build your dots in the room

  93. Ahmad
    Ahmad 27 February, 2014, 23:06

    hey spark,
    I just want to know if i can play as affliction if my haste cap is near the (11,300) can`t make it more than this , I have 574 ilvl
    plz help with this

  94. Ahmad
    Ahmad 28 February, 2014, 17:22

    i have meta gem sure , but i don`t have black blood .
    i have Purified Bindings of Immerseus HC , and Kardris’ Toxic Totem HC .

  95. Ahmad
    Ahmad 28 February, 2014, 17:27

    Legendary meta **

    • Sparkuggz
      Sparkuggz 28 February, 2014, 17:41

      You can play it, but it won’t be as effecient as with Black blood sadly. You will see a big change once you get that

  96. Ahmad
    Ahmad 28 February, 2014, 23:52

    Ah ok thanx alot mr sparkuggz

  97. Rivelier
    Rivelier 1 March, 2014, 00:17

    Hello Sparkuggz.

    Got a question regarding trinkets for affliction.
    My current trinkets are Purified Bindings (normal) + Toxic Totem (normal) and i’m wondering if BBoY LFR version is better than Totem normal version for affliction due to the snap shotting?

    • Liquidsteel
      Liquidsteel 2 March, 2014, 11:42

      It won’t be. The ilvl difference is too much.

      If you can get a flex BBoY then it would probably be worth it.

  98. Slash
    Slash 10 March, 2014, 00:52

    Hey Sparkz

  99. Slash
    Slash 10 March, 2014, 00:53

    Hey Sparkz, is affliction even viable without blackblood? i have purified hc and normal totem, is it even worth trying affliction? thx.

    • Sparkuggz
      Sparkuggz 10 March, 2014, 11:21

      You can start practicing it, but unless it’s a few handful of fight it’s not really that viable without Blackblood. BBoY is everything for Affliction

      • Slash
        Slash 10 March, 2014, 15:36

        I was only thinking of using it on protectors tbh, would affliction be better than destro without blackblood on this fight at least? thx for the help btw :)

        • Sparkuggz
          Sparkuggz 10 March, 2014, 15:42

          No, protectors will always be better as Affliction despite gear sadly.

          • Slash
            Slash 14 March, 2014, 08:52

            Sorry to bother u again, i just got flex version of blackblood, im guessing this is still good even tho it is flex, is this correct? i just wana be sure :)

  100. finesse
    finesse 12 March, 2014, 16:15

    Hey, i was wondering what would you recommend
    a Heroic Hood Of Swirling Senses
    or a Heroic Warforged Flameslinger’s Fiery Cowl?

    • Sparkuggz
      Sparkuggz 12 March, 2014, 18:41

      Meh, since it’s crit / mastery i would probably take the WF Flameslinger, but the HC head would probably not do bad either

      • finesse
        finesse 12 March, 2014, 19:19

        ye huh, i get little more mastery with the Heroic helm, but more haste with the flameslinger.

        thanks for the suggestion sparkz

  101. finesse
    finesse 13 March, 2014, 18:42

    Hey, i was wondering if i could get a script for Black Blood trinket for tellmewhen, i like how your UI is set up and right now im runnin weakauras 2 for blackblood and your UI for the rest, and it gives me some errors.

    please and thanks

    • Sparkuggz
      Sparkuggz 13 March, 2014, 23:25

      You can download the TMW string through the UI section here!

      • finesse
        finesse 14 March, 2014, 00:51

        black blood trinket isn’t in the string. toxic & immerseus is tho.

        • Sparkuggz
          Sparkuggz 14 March, 2014, 00:52

          It should be Oo? I mean i have it! But you need to track Wrath

          • finesse
            finesse 14 March, 2014, 01:58

            oh, yyou cant track wrath with TMW? damn.

            & just curiousity what is the toxic icon beside the gloves icon at the top?

            • Sparkuggz
              Sparkuggz 14 March, 2014, 02:01

              yes you can! It’s called Wrath , you just track buffs! That Icon would be missing spell damage taken most likely!

  102. finesse
    finesse 14 March, 2014, 01:57

    yeah, oh you cant track wrath with TMW?

  103. Slash
    Slash 19 March, 2014, 17:53

    Is the dps between the 9778 and 13737 haste huge? as im 570 ilvl and can only get around 11500 haste, i dont want to, and prob the answer is no but i thought i should ask, should i gem a little bit of haste?

    • Sparkuggz
      Sparkuggz 19 March, 2014, 18:50

      It’s not big at all no, if you want to get an idea purely based on single target, try to simulate it if you would swap the gems around. Then take into account multi target the mastery would still be better

  104. Piroen
    Piroen 20 March, 2014, 23:37

    Hey Sparkuggz,
    Loving the site and how a so much useful information for us warlocks is in one place in an orderly manner.
    I have a question regarding Tricks of the Trade from rogues.
    When would be the optimal time to get it? because i hear that you can’t snapshot it anymore.
    So i supose right after you apply your 10stack BboY Dots or just before?
    Thanks for reading :)

    • Sparkuggz
      Sparkuggz 21 March, 2014, 19:06

      It snapshots, so you need a rogue to tricks you at 10 stack and you get 15% damage on your dots. It’s super overpowered and cheesy sadly

      • Piroen
        Piroen 24 March, 2014, 18:51

        Ah thanks for the info, had a hard time finding anything specific about it.
        yeah that does make it super cheesy.
        Doesnt make it right for the mages to “steal” it from me by lying though :P.
        GL with collecting footage, my raid is extending lockouts so unless your interested in some scrubby wipes on Siegecrafter hc 25m, I can’t help you.

  105. Slash
    Slash 26 March, 2014, 19:26

    Hey sparkz, i seen many locks (including u) not take the 4 set and just stick with 2, why is this?

    • Sparkuggz
      Sparkuggz 27 March, 2014, 12:25

      4 set is pertty terrible DPS for Affliction. The stats from Warfrged are just way better

  106. Naz
    Naz 1 April, 2014, 23:29

    Hey Spark, you think heroic toxic totem or flex black blood?

    • Sparkuggz
      Sparkuggz 2 April, 2014, 23:26

      hard call, but BBoY is sort of major on some fights. Toxic might do better on more single orintated fights.

      • Afflictionnoob
        Afflictionnoob 13 April, 2014, 00:13

        Question: If i put all the dots up while all the spellpower etc buffs are up and i dont let the dots run out by refreshing them will the refreshed dots still keep the higher spellpower buffs or are they refreshed into normal ones?

  107. Atlamillia
    Atlamillia 13 April, 2014, 02:54

    Hey Spark, for affliction i’m not progressed far enough into heroics for the Ebon Ritual hood, so i kinda made a compromise for that stat priority with the Tier helm, should i use that with gloves and chest keeping 3 piece, or is there a piece better i should replace a tier piece with?

    Thanks man,

    • Liquidsteel
      Liquidsteel 13 April, 2014, 19:06

      You should probably keep 4 set (if you have it) until you can replace more than one item.

      It’s not a huge increase but it’s worth it over same ilvl gear.

      • Atlamillia
        Atlamillia 13 April, 2014, 21:42

        well, i have the Rime-Rift shoulders from norushen, and the Leggings of Furious Flames from jugg.. i guess i should’ve clarified more, but i was using the tier helm since it shared the same stats as the Ebon Ritual hood, i was wondering if there was a better piece for me to use and drop a piece of tier to the 2 piece, or keep using the helm as a stand in for the garrosh helm until i can get it keeping the 3 piece.. sorry for not being clear as to what i meant :p

        • chase
          chase 21 April, 2014, 13:16

          Imo keep 4 set, use rime rift shoulders and your tier legs (tier legs have better stats than tier shoulders). Replace the 4 set with helm + shoulders + legs when you eventually get it :)

  108. Michael
    Michael 20 April, 2014, 07:55

    is Soulburn SoC and norm SoC soul swap spamming better for AoE?

    • Liquidsteel
      Liquidsteel 21 April, 2014, 12:38

      Yes but an advanced trick you can try it so have full dots on a target, apply SoC, then inhale all the dots AND the SoC and swap that around.

      • chase
        chase 21 April, 2014, 13:01

        What Liquidsteel said but inhale > SoC the new target > Exhale onto the SoC target, Inhale again, Soulburn SoC another target (if you can afford it :)) >Exhale onto the other target. Playing aff is like breathing :P

  109. Anthony
    Anthony 2 May, 2014, 11:02

    Hey Sparkuggz i’m looking into rolling main spec affliction however i’m not sure if with my ilvl it’s 100% viable for single target encounters over my destruction spec. So a couple of questions, firstly Is it worth gemming expertise / haste over mastery giving that a lot of my gear is crit / mastery stat wise and i’m lacking some haste before reforging. And secondly I see lots of people talking about how affliction is far better than destruction with a higher ilvl. i’m 564 should i consider going affliction or stick with my destro spec for single target?. Trinkets i’m running are black blood / bindings normal versions.

    • Sparkuggz
      Sparkuggz 2 May, 2014, 11:55

      +575~~ AFFL > all specs, bboy + meta gem required. Don’t gem haste, ever. Unless you are 100-200 stat off 13737 or so.

      If you have meta + the bb/purified you can try it out, but you won’t see insane numbers except shamans, protectors etc.

  110. ossadots
    ossadots 2 May, 2014, 15:35

    Hey spark, there is some bind with curse of the elements for affliction?

  111. ossadots
    ossadots 2 May, 2014, 15:37

    bind macro, aniway…

  112. Essa
    Essa 28 May, 2014, 08:15

    Hello Sparkuggz,
    I have noticed that Tempus Repit and my Dark Soul haste buff only buff my spells when they’re active, hence it is useless to use them on weaker spells, isn’t it better to use Dark Soul after you have your strong buffs up to ensure the highest dps?

    • Sparkuggz
      Sparkuggz 28 May, 2014, 15:02

      Im not sure what you mean? AS affliction you snapshot the haste buffs, you apply dots with x,z,y buffs and they stick for the duration of the dots when applied

  113. Tommy Solvang
    Tommy Solvang 30 May, 2014, 08:24

    Good day, in the video you represent to us a opener which include pre-casting haunt, but in the description you start with Dark soul and S + SS, whats your absolute favorite for the gain of absolute maximum in the opener?

  114. Diogo Valente
    Diogo Valente 21 June, 2014, 00:14

    Hello Spark, i’d ask u at facebook but as some1 else may have this same question, i decided to come here! xD
    Have u ever figured out the true dmg% of malefic grasp?
    It gives ur dots some extra ticks, but skada/reccount/wol doesn’t separate these from normal ones…

    • Sparkuggz
      Sparkuggz 23 June, 2014, 11:54

      Tooltip states it, 30% damage of your current dots, if you mean how much dmg it does over a fight thats ofc differ, but it scales purely from your current dots so not much there : )

  115. Tommy Solvang
    Tommy Solvang 17 July, 2014, 13:23

    Good day, is there any fights you alternatively use archimonde’s darkness? Which is a dps increase? Could you bring some examples?

    • Sparkuggz
      Sparkuggz 17 July, 2014, 23:15

      Portectors, Norushen, Galakras, Dark Shamans, Juggernaut and these fights are super easy to play with AD vs KJC. AD is generally worth it only if you can perform great without losing dps with your movement. KJC is the safe option on fights like Thok, Sha of Pride but you can easily play without it too.

  116. Nerzhul
    Nerzhul 17 July, 2014, 17:16

    Hi Spark,
    I have a question regarding trinkets.I have a NM WF BBoY and a HC WF totem, As I see the HC WF totem is slightly better on your trinket list but I have to ask, which one would you prefer for affliction?

  117. Radu
    Radu 22 July, 2014, 08:27

    Hi Sparky,
    at first thanks for this awesome site.
    And now id appreciate a little help :)
    1) Thinking about a race-change because im getting sick of being an orc. With the decrease of Troll-Haste from 20 to 15 % in WOD, do you think its gonne be still the best race?

  118. Tommy Solvang
    Tommy Solvang 6 August, 2014, 14:27

    Hey Spark, i have a question about nameplates running wild.. F.eks Thok, when Bats comes, sometimes even i stand still the nameplates is just running wild all over, im using spreading nameplates, is there any camera settings or anything to fix this? Its so anyoing when nameplates is running wild when the adds is moving, its quite fast were losing the inhaled dots.

    • Liquidsteel
      Liquidsteel 10 August, 2014, 21:44

      I swapped to stacking nameplates for this reason. Sometimes you’ll need to adjust your camera like on Thok when you’re super close to the boss when the bats come, but it helps remove the problem you mentioned.

    • Sparkuggz
      Sparkuggz 19 August, 2014, 12:05

      You can use stacking nameplates in standard UI settings to make it more controlled

  119. Tommy Solvang
    Tommy Solvang 18 September, 2014, 21:31

    Thanks for fast response, what do you think i should choose, i only have 1 piece to use, and thats the WF leggings from iron jugg, is it still worth using the WF leggings instead of 4set for the extra haste? I dont have the garrosh WF head.

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